How-Do Series: Fly Shop Management

To launch our series, we’d thought we would start with the businesses that breaths the most life into our business. Fly Shops, usually structured with an owner, manger, fly experts, and guides, have enough going on to have to worry about the back-end clutter.

The basic management style we talk to shops about is getting the guides managed properly and promoting trips. These two things in our minds are the two most important aspects of guide based fly shop management.

Our system works for shops in multiple ways. Below is the most used arrangement by fly shop owners.

Guide Management: Designed specifically for the fly shop owner, our guide management software is for the shops that send out multiple guides to fish with clients. The system manages who is available, booking records, and client records for the guides and shop’s knowledge.

Online Booking: Because most companies have either a website or a Facebook page, we’ve made it possible to sell your packages on the web to your potential clients. You still get to approve the trips and talk to the customer in this process but it takes away the majority of the issues of collecting information and managing records. Plus, you can collect paypal & credit card payments if you haven’t already been collecting payment through this way.

Reports: The most valued feature we offer to our clients is our guide and financial record keeping tools that assist businesses in their day to day operations. Track upcoming, past, and day of sales (booked trips) and monitor your business from any computer.

These are just a few of our many offerings but you can always find out more on our website or stop by Booth #712 at iCast this year.


Sign Up for a Free Account | My Outdoor Calendar is a full service booking system that allows outdoor guide businesses, such as fly fishing guides, to manage the way business transactions and bookings are taking place within their business.

Our online service provides management for all payments that come to the outfitters and creates reports that help the business track sales, trends, guides, customers and much more.

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