Fishing Alaska this autumn

Fishing Alaska

If you’re visiting Alaska this autumn, you’ll definitely want to try your hand at fishing for silver salmon, rainbow trout or Dolly Varden.

fishing alaskaSilver, or coho, salmon are really cool fish. They spawn from November to January, so if you catch a male, it’ll have a reddish body with a green/black head. If you see one of these guys in the water, make a go for it, because it’ll put up a good fight, making for a truly magnificent catch when all is said and done!

Of course, if you’re really looking for a good fight out of a fish, the rainbow trout will give you one like no other! In fact, this fish is revered all over the world for its fighting abilities while on the line, so anglers of all experience levels will have some fun with this species! Plus, the rainbows that you would catch on the Kenai didn’t get their name for no reason: their scale coloration hits quite a few colors in the spectrum! The sea version of this fish, on the other hand, has a metallic luster, therefore being known as the steelhead (steelheads and rainbows are the same species).

Right now, Dolly Varden are spawning and the males will feature a similar coloration to the spawning silvers. They’ll have red bellies with green/black pretty much everywhere else (except their mouths, which turn pink). The green/black areas have scattered pink dots all over, making this fish a unique and beautiful catch!

Make sure that, if you want to fish, you consider fishing guides. They’ll ensure some great catches, showing you the right spots and helping with technique. Some of the most experienced fishermen who travel utilize the locals’ knowledge, so you should too!

Adam is a writer for Drifters Lodge in Cooper Landing Alaska.


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