What is Winter Fishing Like in Alaska?

Winter Fishing in Alaska

Ice or wade fishing in Alaska during the winter months is likely the most exhilarating event you will experience. So what is it like? Well, it is actually ideal and a great idea! The brisk air and cool temperatures are easy to manage with a few layers, not to mention the sweat-inducing workout some fish give when on the line!


  • Recording salmon on your fishing license is not required during the winter months, making your catches unlimited!
  • Salmon are limited to five during the spring and summer months.
  • Licensing for one day is $10.
  • Licensing for one year is $100, definitely the better buy!

The Two Most Common Fish


Even in the winter months, Alaska has a vast population of King Salmon. These fish migrate from Canada and the Northwestern United States, increasing their population during the winter months. The King Salmon, or Chinook fish, are prized fish and often sought after for their aggressive fight on the line. These fish are high in omega 3 fatty acids, making them great meals that promote a healthy heart. Anglers often celebrate the first catch of the year with a meal!

Halibut stay around for this time of year, but are not as prevalent as the Salmon, as some halibut migrate away. These flat fish usually run around 25lbs and are gray and black in color. Halibut are rare in the Atlantic, almost endangered even. However, most of them inhabit the pacific, along the Alaskan and California coast. The halibut also make a healthy meal, as they are low in fat.


At Drifter’s Lodge, we understand the fishing thrill and addiction. For more information on Alaska Fishing, visit our website.

Top five fly fishing destinations in the world

Looking for the Best Fly Fishing Destinations

There are those who argue that fly-fishing is something of an art as well as a science, and undoubtedly the technique used to effectively cast the artificial fish lure or ‘fly’, requires consummate skill, honed by years of experience and some degree of flair. Angling is one of the most popular sports in the developed world and it has millions of practitioners.  For the percentage of those millions that are ‘hooked’ on fly-fishing where in the world can the best fishing be found? Here are five highly recommended locations across the globe:


The beautiful Big Sky Country has creeks, rivers and lakes aplenty, and is one of the most exceptional places for catching high-quality rainbow, cut throat and brown trout. The most popular rivers for fly-fishing are Clark Fork, which rises in the Rocky Mountains before joining Blackfoot and Bitterroot – superb fishing – and Madison, which joins Gallatin and Jefferson to form the Missouri River. There is plenty of shelter provided by trees and overhanging rocks in the most used fishing spots.


Pacific salmon are the key catch for anglers heading to British Columbia on the western coast of Canada. It is necessary to take a floatplane to get to the best areas, one of which is the remote Kootz River – in fact only accessible via the use of a helicopter. Lovely mountain lakes and streams, and the Great Bear Rainforest surround the river. Found swimming in the streams in large numbers are pink salmon and the more elusive Coho salmon.  Even if you don’t catch many fish the experience of visiting this wild and very beautiful part of the world will stay in your memory for a long time.


The ‘land of saints and scholars’ honors its natural resources in an admirable way; after all, the green palette of the ‘emerald isle’ is achieved via abundant annual rainfall. Naturally, then, the village of Oughterard celebrates Mayfly week, as May is the prime month in which to fish for the Lough Corrib trout. There’s a local holiday and a festive atmosphere in the village every year, and in May 2012 some monster trout catches were made, including one of 23 pounds and 12 ounces. There are many cheap flights to Ireland that make it affordable to get there and to join in the fun.


Yes, Alaska is well known as large halibut territory to those that fish in the sea, specifically the Bering Sea and the North Pacific, however, the state also has famous salmon runs and fly-fishing rewards include grayling; wild rainbow trout, sockeye, king and silver salmon, char and Dolly Varden trout. Alaska has been so isolated for so long it’s an ideal location with largely undisturbed waters, perfect for wilderness fishing. There are so many places to choose from it’s hard to decide where to go: try Lake Iliamna, Kanektok River or Kodiak Island’s Ayakulik River for a great fishing experience.

New Zealand

At the end of the last century, brown and rainbow trout were introduced to New Zealand and they revolutionized freshwater fishing.  Today Queenstown – better known for extreme sports, such as bungee jumping – is also the center for fabulous fly-fishing in the Lochy River; a helicopter or a boat across Lake Wakitipu is needed to reach there. Take a local guide to make the most of the huge, and eminently unpredictable, wild rainbow and brown trout that certainly take some catching.

These places are definitely worth visiting if you are a keen fly-fisherman or woman – women are of course very good at fly-fishing – and happily these locations are now accessible through cheap flights to more members of the fly-fishing fraternity than ever before.

Fishing Alaska this autumn

Dolly varden Middle Kenai River

Fishing Alaska

If you’re visiting Alaska this autumn, you’ll definitely want to try your hand at fishing for silver salmon, rainbow trout or Dolly Varden.

fishing alaskaSilver, or coho, salmon are really cool fish. They spawn from November to January, so if you catch a male, it’ll have a reddish body with a green/black head. If you see one of these guys in the water, make a go for it, because it’ll put up a good fight, making for a truly magnificent catch when all is said and done!

Of course, if you’re really looking for a good fight out of a fish, the rainbow trout will give you one like no other! In fact, this fish is revered all over the world for its fighting abilities while on the line, so anglers of all experience levels will have some fun with this species! Plus, the rainbows that you would catch on the Kenai didn’t get their name for no reason: their scale coloration hits quite a few colors in the spectrum! The sea version of this fish, on the other hand, has a metallic luster, therefore being known as the steelhead (steelheads and rainbows are the same species).

Right now, Dolly Varden are spawning and the males will feature a similar coloration to the spawning silvers. They’ll have red bellies with green/black pretty much everywhere else (except their mouths, which turn pink). The green/black areas have scattered pink dots all over, making this fish a unique and beautiful catch!

Make sure that, if you want to fish, you consider fishing guides. They’ll ensure some great catches, showing you the right spots and helping with technique. Some of the most experienced fishermen who travel utilize the locals’ knowledge, so you should too!

Adam is a writer for Drifters Lodge in Cooper Landing Alaska.


Best Fly Fishing Locations in the UK

sussex fly fishing

The UK is known to be the birth place of fly fishing ever since Sir Izaak Walton wrote about the art and spirit of fishing in his ever so famous book The Compleat Angler which was first published in 1653. Many dedicated fly fishermen feel that fishing one of England’s famous chalk streams like the rivers Test and Itchen or Scotland’s famous salmon rivers like the river Spey or Tay is the holy grail of fly fishing and have it on top of their ‘100 things to do before I die’ list.

This is what makes fishing days on may of the UK’s most famous rivers prohibitively expensive, however a day on such a historic and pristine river is a memory for a life time. But there are also some lesser known and equally magical places to fly fish around the UK where the fishing is either free or very affordable. Quality local fly fishing tuition is widely available and can usually be arranged at short notice.

River Itchen and Test in Hampshire – Chalk Stream Perfection

This is where it all began and where Sir Izaak Walton grave can be found in the ancient cathedral of Winchester. The river Itchen is one of England’s most iconic chalk streams teaming with brown and rainbow trout and growing record size Grayling which can be targeted during winter. Day tickets on the top beats of the upper Itchen can cost up to £725 per day for one rod during peak may fly season but days on some of the tributary rivers to the river Test such as the river Anton and the river Dun offer some amazing fishing in a beautiful and classic English country side setting starting from as little as £50 per rod. Most of the beats hold good stocks of wild brown trouts and some times stocked rainbows as well. Peak season is May when the mayfly hatches come thick and fast. This is chalk stream fishing at its very finest and has been hailed as the world’s most perfect trout river by many accomplished and well-travelled fishermen.

Famous Salmon Rivers of Scotland – Exclusive Salmon Fishing

The most famous and equally most productive salmon rivers of Scotland are the rivers Tweed, Tay and Spey with an annual average of between 8,000 and 12,000 salmons caught and recorded. Fishing one of the more exclusive beats usually owned by big shooting estates or old families is a privilege but is not as inaccessible as one may expect. Despite strict fishing quotas and regulations, a days guided fishing including speycasting tuition can be had from £285 per rod. Statistically more productive beats command higher prices and thorough research into the most productive stretches as well as early booking is essential especially when travelling from far. All the Scottish salmon rivers also offer some excellent trout fishing when the water runs too high or too low for the salmon run so a trip will rarely be in vain.

Loch Fishing in Scotland for Trout and Northern Pike

One of the best known lochs for the visiting fly fisher in Scotland is Loch Lomond, a large and very deep loch situated just north of Glasgow in the heart of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. And as with many other big and deep lakes, fishing can be very challenging as the Scottish weather is renown to be unpredictable at the best of times. Fly fishing for Northern Pike is becoming more popular in recent years and Loch Lomond is as good a place as many other large lakes and reservoirs across the country. Heavy gear is needed to catch these big fish which can grow to well over 20lb. Rod and line of 10WT are common and so is the use of metal traces connected to the over-sized flies to keep the fishing line from being dragged across the predetor’s teeth during the fight. But personally, while I enjoy the novelty of it, this big game fishing does not have much to do with what I love about fly fishing.

Much more exciting fishing can be found in the large number of small lochs dotted across the Scottish Highlands. Here one can find trout that have never seen an artificial fly before, small and quick and tricky to catch. But isn’t it so often these small, wild fish in stunning remote locations that bring is so much joy and brilliant memories rather than the whoppers we caught of the back of a boat?

Fly Fishing for Carp in Sussex

During the hot summer days when trout fishing practically dries up, keen fly fishermen have found a new target species – the common carp. England is famous for breeding high quality blood lines of specimen carp and a tight community of very dedicated carp fishermen. Fly fishing for carp has become much more popular over the past few years for a number of reasons:

  • Carp are the probably hardest fighting fish pound for pound one can catch on a fly rod in the UK. Even a small 4-5lb fish will put up a tremendous fight and test the fisherman’s skill and equipment. Being used to be in control of a hooked fish, most fly fishermen are very surprised when they hook into their first 10lb plus fish to find that all they can do is hold on to their rod and pray..!!
  • Carp fishing is cheap – a day’s fishing at a nice fishery in the Sussex country side can cost as little as £6 for one rod which makes a large difference at times where every penny counts.

Fly fishing for carp is largely dry fly fishing and an exhilarating experience with plenty of missed takes as the clever critters feel the hook and spit a fly back out before the angler has had a chance to set the hook. A great opportunity to test ones reflexes and casting accuracy on a warm and nice day where trout fishing would have been a serious challenge. Good carp fishing lakes can be found anywhere around London and all over Sussex.

Julian, the author of this post, lives in West Sussex where he learned fly fishing with www.flyfishingsussex.com and has been hooked ever since.

Thanks for the header photo from Cowdray

Fishing in Alaska – At its Finest!

Alaska Flyfishing guide


Alaska Flyfishing guide

Alaska is one of the top fishing destinations in the world—and for good reason. The fish put up a good fight, the land is majestic and beautiful and you might not be able to find a better escape anywhere else on earth.

So, what makes the Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge so special in the midst of the vast array of fishing getaway options in Alaska?

First of all, according to their website, they boast an incredible team of 19 Alaska fishing guides who know the Kenai and Russian Rivers better than most people know their own professions. Each guide has all of the proper licenses and permits and, while they range in age, they all offer a distinct knowledge of the area’s rivers and fish.

Secondly, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better fishing accommodations anywhere. The lodge rooms and cabins are beautifully built and soundly equipped with all of the major conveniences. They even boast a Swedish Sauna and a nightly campfire. All of this in the midst of what seems to be much more than your average continental breakfast, which features freshly baked pastries, fresh fruit and a variety of juices, coffee, tea and cocoa, all ready for guests before they head out on their morning fishes.

But none of this could possible outshine the incredible fishing: salmon, trout, fly fishing, fly-out fishing, halibut fishing and more… You can’t beat these options. You could fish on the Kenai for salmon one day, then go out to get some halibut the next (depending on the season, of course). The experience that Drifter’s Lodge offers works for the novice fisherman and the seasoned veteran alike, with true excitement in a land that remains largely untouched by excessive civilization.

Speaking of which, should you take a day off of fishing, the Kenai Peninsula offers some breathtaking nature that you can certainly reach from the Drifter’s Lodge, including the Kenai Wildlife Refuge and the Kenai Fjords, where travelers can witness everything from whales, bears and eagles to magnificent valleys, mountains and glaciers.

So, consider Drifter’s Lodge for both a premium fishing experience and a chance to take in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness. You’ll be left with a satisfaction that no other fishing trip could offer!

Adventurous Costa Rica Zipline and Canopy Tours

Cabo San Lucas FishingZipline tours are becoming very popular for adventurous travelers. Zip-lines provide a great way to tour a beautiful location from the air, without being trapped inside a helicopter. What can be better than the freedom felt when being propelled by gravity, while touring the rainforest for the first time? Whether you’re staying at an upscale vacation resort, or a rugged outdoor campsite, zipline adventures offer excitement and thrills.

Zipline and canopy tours have become synonymous with the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Since the 1970s, zip-lines have continued to grow into one of the most widespread and popular activities in the country. Some of the most popular Costa Rica destinations for zipline tours are Manuel Antonio, Rainforest Tram Atlantic and Monteverde.

Rainforest Zipline & Canopy Tours

These high-flying adventures provide an exhilarating way for experiencing the beauty Costa Rica has to offer. Visitors can tour areas adjacent to the Caribbean Coast, while experiencing the natural wonders of the rainforest. Tourists can find great vacation packages that combine both adventure and nature to create an experience of a lifetime. Some tour packages even include slower paced views of the natural rain forest. These Aerial Tram adventures provide breathtaking views, great for snapping photos of the natural surroundings. But, there’s nothing like the heart pumping thrill that comes with flying through canopies on Costa Rican ziplines.

Monteverde Zipline and Canopy Tours

Selvatura is a great place for thrill seekers in Monteverde. It’s home to the longest zip-lines in the country. It’s also the only area with zip-lines that are completed engulfed by virgin forest. Some tours come with as many as 15 cables and 18 different platforms with eye-popping views. Tree-top canopy tours offer a great way to see the coast from a unique perspective. For an even more exhilarating experience, there’s the suspension bridge zipline tours. There are also zipline adventures for more peaceful experiences, like the butterfly garden canopy tour. Either way, tourists will find themselves surrounded by Costa Rican cloud forest.

Manuel Antonio Zip Line and Canopy Tours

Manual Antonio is another way to experience adrenaline-pumping, zip-line tours of the Costa Rican rainforest. These tours provide extraordinary views of the natural beauty of the area. And, just 45 minutes away, is the great Canopi Safari of Peso Real. Here, visitors can see the snakes and other reptiles at the serpentarium, or visit the unique butterfly garden. These are just two of the great places to visit during your exciting zipline and canopy tours.

Booking Costa Rica Tours

If you’re a tour guide looking for ways to manage your zipline tours, there are some great tools available to assist you. Online booking tools provide your customers with convenient ways to book their zipline tour adventures online. This helps to increase your sales and streamline the booking process. See how My Outdoor Calendar reservation and management software can increase your outdoor and fishing business sales today.

However, there are also other extreme sports that are slowly gaining popularity and one of these is sportsfishing. This isn’t actually new as our forefathers have been angling or fishing to feed their families before. But nowadays, companies like www.bajaraiders.com has taken angling or fishing to a whole new level, you can now bring the whole family aboard charters or have a party at sea.

Author’s Bio:

Mel C. Gray hails from Cabo, San Lucas. A die-hard angler, he works full-time at www.bajaraiders.com but channels his extra energy to write for several publications and blogs.

Photography Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/brookward/

Utah Vacation Activities Everyone Will Enjoy


Summer vacations are an American tradition, but all roads don’t have to lead to Disneyland. Why not pack up the family and head to the wonders and wilds of Utah? From big city attractions in the state’s capitol to some of the most amazing national parks in the country, Utah has a little something for everyone. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, here are some top experiences to keep in mind when you’re booking a trip to Utah.

Zion Mountain National ParkWhether your brood goes for biking, hiking, horseback riding or four-wheeling, Utah’s oldest national park will deliver. Take your pick of touring options and experience the spectacular beauty of Zion’s sandstone cliffs, red canyons and towering monoliths.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon is known for its combination of forest and hoodoos – strangely shaped limestone formations that have been formed by years of frost-wedging, rain and wind. It’s well worth it to time your visit during a full moon and take advantage of the ranger-led moonlit hikes.

Alpine Slide

One of the longest slides in the world, the Alpine Slide at Park City Mountain Resort, is fun for the whole family – at least those who are over the age of two. There are four tracks to choose from, so you can glide down 3,000 feet of Rocky Mountain splendor again and again and have a new experience every time.

Heber Valley Railroad

Known by locals as the “Heber Creeper,” the Heber Valley Railroad gives your family a chance to see scenic Provo Canyon, Deer Creek Reservoir and the vast Heber Valley through the windows of a 1907 steam locomotive. The Railroad offers several different experiences including whimsical “Polar Express” rides during the winter holidays.

Bear Lake

The brilliant turquoise water is just one reason to visit this northern Utah attraction. In addition to water and jet skiing, there are plenty of nearby places to hike and fish. And if you time it right, you can enjoy their Raspberry Days festival and no trip to Bear Lake is complete without one of their famous raspberry shakes.

Discovery Gateway

Downtown Salt Lake City’s children’s museum is a great chance to get a break from the sun and let your kids go wild exploring the museum’s 60,000 square feet of educational, interactive, hands-on fun. Whether your little ones want to play in the grocery store or take a seat in the helicopter on the upstairs landing, they’ll definitely get tuckered out enough to make a bite out at one of SLC’s downtown restaurants a peaceful dining experience.

Lake Powell

Why not rent a houseboat at gorgeous Lake Powell? You don’t need to be a pirate captain to feel like you own the waters along Lake Powell’s nearly 2,000 miles of shoreline. Try out wakeboarding during the bright days and then cozy up to a campfire with the makings for some gooey s’mores once the stars come out.

Clark Planetarium

The planetarium boasts the first “pitless” digital dome planetarium in the U.S., which will take your family on a 3-D journey through the universe – and you don’t even need glasses. The planetarium also features an IMAX theater that plays a variety of educational and amazing films like Disney’s “Oceans.”

Lagoon Amusement Park

This amusement park, which has been in operation since 1896 is a family favorite not only in Utah, but surrounding states as well. Lagoon features one of the few wooden roller coasters still in operation in the U.S. as well as brand-new coasters offering tons of thrills and chills. The park has plenty of restaurants, picnic areas and even has a “Pioneer Village” where you can see a Wild West shootout and get an old timey pic of the family dressed in western garb.

Dinosaur National Monument

Forget Jurassic Park, Utah has its own dinosaurs to show off. With more than 1,600 exposed bones from 11 different dinosaur species, The Quarry is wonder that will amaze the whole family. Nearby is Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area where you can take advantage of river rafting, camping, nature hikes and explore preserved homesteads and cave petroglyphs.

Where are you most excited to visit on your trip to Utah?

When he isn’t creating travel content for US Dish, Andy is traveling the outdoors of Utah.


Why You Need the Garmin Fenix GPS Watch on Your Next Hunting Trip

This month Garmin announced a new product which should prove to be very popular with outdoors people, and in particular hunters and hikers.  The new product is the Garmin Fenix GPS watch and it is slated to be available in the latter half of the year.  If you can’t wait to get your hands on one, or want to know more then read on for a quick overview and review of the Garmin Fenix, and why in particular it will suit hunters who want to have GPS navigation and functionality whilst on the move.

Garmin Fenix – Perfect for Hunters

Hunting is an activity that requires something rugged and waterproof – and that’s where the Garmin Fenix comes in.  It looks like a cool and chunky digital watch and is completely waterproof up to a depth of 50 meters.  The watch face is scratch resistant and the whole device is made from highly durable materials.  It will be great for hunters because it straps neatly to the wrist, just like a normal watch does, and offers a non-complicated GPS solution which means hunters will no longer need to carry cumbersome GPS handhelds whilst on the hunt… instead everything is contained on the wrist and accessible via an easy to use monochrome display.

The main functionality that will suit those who need GPS for hunting is being able to mark the tree stand and use the sunrise and sunset features to ensure that you are operating within legal shooting times.

Includes Altimeter, Barometer, and Digital Compass (ABC)

In addition to that, the Garmin Fenix is fully ABC.  What this means is that it includes a digital altimeter, barometer, and compass and so offers complete navigation and location based technology all in the space of a small digital watch.  If you are hunting off the beaten track and in uncharted territory then don’t worry – the Garmin Track Back feature lets you re-trace your steps along the path you came so you can always find your way back home or back to camp.

Use Garmin Fenix Track Back to Record and Share New Hunting Spots

You can also use the Track Back feature to record and track any new hunting spots you find.  It’s then possible to share these wirelessly with your fellow hunters – either via Bluetooth or the Garmin ANT+ technology.  Activities can be saved to PC, smartphone, or other compatible Garmin handheld GPS devices using the BaseCamp software (which is free to register to).

The barometer function will also tell you of any impending adverse weather conditions via simple to understand icons that are displayed on the watch face.  If there is a sudden drop in temperature you will know about it, and any pressure drops are also monitored – meaning you will have advance warnings of any incoming storms.

Want to Read a Garmin Fenix Review?

For a full review of the Garmin Fenix GPS watch including videos, images, product specifications, and all the different use case scenarios then make sure that you visit www.garminfenix.com for everything you need to know.  The website is an independent resource and also includes pre-order information so you can buy your Garmin Fenix today so it’s ready to ship later in the year once released.


Best 5 European Cities to Cycle

There is a level of freedom on a cycling holiday that no other holiday can provide, cycling not only gives you access to parts of cities that are often inaccessible by car, but it also allows you to tour areas at your own pace, without the hassle and hustle of an organised tour on foot.  Most cities have organised cycle tours that will lead you around the major sights each city has to offer, but these are by no means compulsory.

With the increasing interest in reducing carbon emissions and being kinder to the planet, there are either free or reasonably priced cycle hire opportunities in each city.  Choosing the destination for your next cycle trip is probably one of the hardest decisions you will have to make, especially if you are going to combine your cycle break with a city break.


It used to be that when you took to two wheels in London you took your life in your hands, especially as this is a city famed for aggressive driving and congested roads.  However since the implementation of the Barclays Cycle Superhighways cycling around the city has not only become easier, it has also become enjoyable.  Now there are miles of cycle paths running along the banks of the River Thames, and with affordable bike hire stations dotted across the city, thanks to the Mayor of London’s blue ‘Boris’ bikes it is a great way to take in some of the sights of the city.  There are a number of tour operators in the city that organise guided cycle tours, so if you don’t fancy finding your own way around you can follow one of their excellent tours which include many of the usual tourist attractions like Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square.


copenhagen bike hire

Rarely is Denmark considered as a holiday destination, for some reason it seems to be forgotten by many looking for the perfect city or cycling location.  However Copenhagen is now regarded as being one of the best cities in Europe, if not the world for those who enjoy cycling.  Winner of the ‘Bike City’ award given by the International Cycling Union, Copenhagen sees more than 30,000 riders taking to their cycles every day.  Most major roads have cycle lanes and there is even free hire of the city bikes.  For visitors wanting to explore the city by bike there are cycle tours available, which will guide you around the city’s major sights and attractions.  For those who want to hold on to their cycles for a little longer, the charges for extended hire are more than reasonable, meaning you can cycle around the city to your heart’s content.


barcelona bike hire

There have been concerns raised in the past about the safety of cycling in Barcelona.  The drivers are known for attempting to get wherever they are going at break neck speed, caring little for anyone else that is sharing the road with them.  However things are changing and it would appear that the cyclist is reclaiming some control over the city’s thoroughfares.  There are now in excess of 50,000 cyclists that take to the roads each day in the city, and this number is on the increase.  Cycling in Barcelona does make sense, as much of the old city is still filled with twisting cobbled streets which means that they are far more accessible to the cyclist than any other form of transport.  There are a number of cycle tours of the city, which are available including an unusual and entertaining night tour and another that takes you around the city in order to sample the wares at various tapas bars.


paris bike hire

Providing that you keep away from the motorised mayhem that is the Place de la Concorde and the Champs-Elysee you will be safe on your own set of two wheels.  Everyone knows that driving in the city of Paris is dangerous enough without introducing cycles.  Providing you stay away from the roads and the drivers you will have a great time!  Cycling in Paris is actually a very pleasurable experience, and with the Velib Scheme initiated by Mayor Bertrand Delanoe getting around the city on two wheels is easier and more cost effective than it ever was.  The joy of cycling up to the Sacre-Coeur and savouring the wonderful views is difficult to beat.  As with many major cities there are guided cycle tours available should you like a more formal introduction to the city and its tourist attractions.  A cycle tour around the Palace of Versailles is not to be missed.


Despite the images of busy streets packed with cars and mopeds as well as commercial vehicles wanting to be everywhere you need to be, the city of Rome is remarkably easy to negotiate on a cycle.  There are some very picturesque cycle paths that run alongside the Tiber, allowing you to take in all of the sights from the Ponte Sublicio through to Ponte della Magliana.  The two main rail terminals in the city are both equipped with cycle hire facilities that are pretty easy on the pocket, and if you are in the market for a guided tour of this ancient and inspiring city then you will find several different tour routes on offer.  You could opt for a spin through the city centre and all of the activity that it contains or a route that takes you out into the majestic countryside along the route of the Appian Way.

Adam Samuel writes for Electric Bikes Sale, a guide to e-cycles in the UK.

7 Places to Fish Before the Summer Ends

Top Fly Fishing Locations

As the summer comes close to an end, we look at many of our favorite fishing spots that you need to check out for this year or next.

Deneki Outdoorsalaska fly fishing


Alaska West is located on the Kanektok River in Western Alaska. We fish for all five species of Pacific salmon, as well as rainbow trout, dolly varden and grayling. Our guests stay with us at the lodge each night and go fishing each day with two anglers per guide fishing out of 16 foot jet boats.

Season runs until the end of August. Packages start at $5250 for a 6 day trip.

Book your fishing trip with Deneki Outdoors

Shallow Water ExpeditionsWatercolor Fly Fishing

Shallow Water Expeditions Guide Service is based out of Old Florida Outfitters, the exclusive outfitter located in the Watercolor Resort. Strategically positioned between Destin and Panama City Beach, along the beautiful Beaches of South Walton, Shallow Water Expeditions can be found fishing the entire North Florida Gulf Coast. Made up of a network of premiere captains, Shallow Water Expeditions can put you on the water with the most knowledgeable guides in the forefront of fly fishing and light tackle.

Tarpon fishing starts at $600 day for 2 people.

Book your fishing trip with Shallow Water Expeditions

Blackberry Farmssmokey mountain fly fishing

Guests have access to a buffet of options for freshwater fly fishing: two ponds and a stream on our property, more than 700 miles of fishable trout streams in the neighboring Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and beautiful stretches of the well-known Clinch or Holston Rivers. Our Orvis-endorsed guides and instructors can quickly introduce beginners to the basics of fly fishing, or help the seasoned angler by providing the best local knowledge, for a perfect day on the water.

Rates for drift boat trips start at $425

Book your fishing trip with Blackberry Farms

Small Hope Bay LodgeAndros Island Fishing

Andros Bahamas is laced with thousands of miles of inland waterways and fishing flats. North, Middle and South Bights cut right through the island, east to west, creating a natural access to even more flats on the west side of the island. These provide world-class conditions for fly fishermen in pursuit of bonefish and tarpon.

Rates for full-day fishing deep sea trip starting at $550 for 4 people.

Book your fishing trip with Small Hope Bay Lodge

The Reel BajaCabo San Lucas

The Reel Baja specializes in fly fishing targeting gamefish from three distinctive zones in the Sea of Cortez: the beach, inshore and offshore. The Reel Baja is a year-round fly fishing guide service located at the southern tip of Baja California. We are located in the area of Baja known as East Cape. East Cape is on the Sea of Cortez side of the peninsula, one hour north of the famed resort town of Cabo San Lucas.

Inshore fishing starts at $550 a day.

Book your fishing trip with The Reel Baja

Fiordland Lodgenew zealand fly fishing

Fiordland is world renowned for the quality of its fly fishing in new zealand. The crystal clear unpolluted waters are managed as a wild fishery producing good stocks of large Brown and Rainbow trout. Fiordland Guides specialise in upstream sight fishing and all fishing is catch and release. Over 40 uncrowded rivers and streams are within 1.5 hours drive of the Lodge.

Season is year round with opportunities up river in late summer. Packages start at $980 per day.

Book your fishing trip with Fiordland Lodge

Gunnison River ExpeditionsGunnison River Fishing

Gunnison Gorge river fly fishing is world renowned among fly fishing enthusiasts. Gunnison River Expeditions specializes in running wade and float fishing trips in this gold medal trout fishery. Known for its large wild rainbows and brown trout, the resource stands above most fisheries in the United States. Our guides are experienced and professional and will offer the best the Gunnison River fly fishing experience available.

Daily Float Fishing Trips starting at $ 1,000 for 2 people.

Book your fishing trip with Gunnison River Expeditions

Special thanks to http://www.yellowdogflyfishing.com/ for the opening photo.

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